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Adeo operates under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of New York and is in compliance with Archdiocesan guidelines. Adeo is inspired by the teaching of the Catholic Church that all Christians are called to holiness in their everyday life.



Adeo classes meet in small groups, approximately six students, at the homes of host families in Manhattan. This setting helps the children understand that our homes are part of the Church. Teaching in the homes also provides a personable atmosphere that encourages lively and intellectual interactions and fosters critical thinking.


Our volunteer teachers are the core of Adeo. Adeo teachers volunteer their work and time but, as catechists, they are also fulfilling a special call or vocation. They imitate Jesus as teacher and are living witnesses of mercy as they go out to the different homes, instruct, and counsel the students. It is one of Adeo’s priorities to provide the teachers with constant care, assistance, and formation.

Formation: Teachers are required to participate in catechetical training throughout the year to become familiar with the content of the lessons and teaching methodology.

Mentoring: Teachers will be assigned a mentor to offer teaching support throughout the year.​

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