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Adeo, formerly known as The Narnia Catechetical Clubs, was the result of the initiative and vision of two dedicated and faithful Catholics, Mrs. Mickie Teetor and Mr. G. Sim Johnston. They began to teach religious education in their homes. The program organically began to grow to several homes, and in 1981, it formally became The Narnia Catechetical Clubs.

Mickie and Sim’s vision was to offer young people, whose schools did not offer Catholic education, the opportunity to learn about the Faith as an afterschool program and prepare them to receive the sacraments.Their idea was to teach catechesis in a home setting provided by host families. The initiative took off immediately. Soon there were numerous weekly student gatherings that would meet on different days of the week, at different times and locations throughout the city. 

In 2019, the name was changed to the Adeo Manhattan Catholic Catechism Clubs. Today, Adeo’s enrolment has flourished and provides various classes and programs for children, ages 3 through 17. 

The image below is part of the stained glass window of The Good Shepherd at St. Thomas More Church in Manhattan, donated by The Narnia Clubs, now known as The Adeo Clubs.

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