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Adeo’s curriculum follows the guidelines of the Catholic Church. The program aspires to convey, paraphrasing Pope Francis’ words, that Christian life is very simple: it consists of following Jesus by listening to the word of God in the Bible and by putting it into practice as is described in God’s Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Works of Mercy.


Adeo follows the guidance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (282, 289) and considers that catechesis on creation is of major importance since it concerns the very foundations of human and Christian life. To that end, students are taught the first three chapters of Genesis from 1st through 7th grades in accordance with their age and maturity level.


Our faith assures us that God lives in the present and speaks to us “today.” Therefore, Adeo’s curriculum is designed to meet and answer the real needs and questions of the youth and families of the third millennium. We teach the faith “from within”, weaving the faith in the concrete reality where our students and families are.


Adeo follows God’s pedagogy in the Bible. First, it acknowledges the essential role of the family in the child’s faith education as reflected in the Shema Israel prayer: “and you shall teach [God’s words] diligently to your children and shall talk of them [God’s words].” Second, Adeo recognizes that Faith is meant to transform the student’s daily lives:

  • The program intertwines theory and practice so that children learn to incorporate Jesus’ teachings and faith in their everyday lives;

  • Children learn the prayers, the meaning of each word and are given examples of how the prayers apply to them;

  • Lessons include works of art to develop their imagination, their capacity to abstract beyond what their eyes see and to foster in them a love for the beauty of our faith;

  • Lessons incorporate the stories of the Old Testament, how they connect to Jesus and other inspiring literary and historical narratives that reveal how our faith inspires culture;

  • In the lessons there are interactive activities to engage and enhance the student’s critical thinking.

The Adeo curriculum builds upon the same themes each year adding increasing depth as the children mature.
In this way, the students will be able to live and reason their faith after they finish their education with Adeo.

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